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Acoustical Lighting

Luxxbox Acoustic Lighting is an innovative lighting solution that reduces up to 40% of ambient noise in busy, open offices. This unique product combines form and function to visually and acoustically enhance the workspace. The Luxxbox range of award-winning, architectural lighting provides highly effective noise absorption combined with stylish, modern design. Find the perfect acoustic light.

Making a Sustainable Difference

At Luxxbox we strive to make a difference. Our products are designed to enhance people’s working lives, positively influencing comfort and concentration. Luxxbox acoustic lighting is manufactured from recycled materials and the acoustic panels are 100% recyclable. We choose recyclable materials to make a positive contribution to the planet. Luxxbox is committed to sustainable manufacturing.

Modern Design

Our stunning lighting range offers solutions for every office space. In addition to highly effective sound management, our acoustic lights provide a sophisticated, decorative element to the office environment. Design features include:

• A vast range of gorgeous colours
• Adjustable height
• A range of size options
• Dimmable light source
• High tech options such as power over ethernet (POE)

Discover Our Range of Acoustic Ceiling Products


Visually stunning lighting and sound reduction solution:
• Ultra-sleek design
• Available with or without LED illumination
• Customisable to suit any interior space
• Made from 65% recycled material

View Blade


A modern, striking and versatile lighting Award-winning Light:
• Award-winning sleek curve design
• Effective sound management
• Available in various lengths and shades
• Highly versatile for boardrooms, office space and corridors

View Dasch

Vapor Echo

A classic pendent light perfect for a range of indoor office spaces:
• Reduce ambient noise by up to 40%
• Available in more than 20 beautiful colours and 3 sizes
• Adjustable height
• Made from 65% recycled material

View Vapor Echo

Vapor Echo Rectilinear

A perfect solution for interior collaborative spaces combining stunning design with practical, effective sound reduction:
• Turn open spaces into productive work zones
• Highly effective sound absorption
• Available in more than 15 different colours and 3 sizes
• Manufactured from 65% recycled material

View Vapor Echo Rectilinear


A large dome pendant designed to enhance acoustics:
• Seamlessly blending into existing design features
• High-performance circular LED panel
• Available in 2 sizes
• Extensive range of textural finishes across the full-color spectrum

View Hemii


A beautiful and practical pendant light option:
• Turns open spaces into production work zones
• Available in more than 12 beautiful colours and 3 sizes
• Popular choice award for architectural lighting
• Reduce ambient noise by up to 40%

View Birdcage


A unique and functional design suitable for all indoor spaces:
• Dramatically reduce noise reverberation
• Increase employee comfort and concentration
• Available in more than 12 stunning colours and 3 sizes
• Adjustable height

View Shingle


Scalable and versatile indoor lighting:
• Unique award-winning design
• Available in standard sizes or create your own Matrix Infinite length
• More than 15 stunning colours
• Highly effective sound absorption

View Matrix

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