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Luxxbox acoustic screens effectively address noise disruption in open-plan office spaces while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.  Any office environment or interior workspace will be significantly enhanced by the addition of acoustic screens or the installation of modern, stylish partitioning to create privacy and further reduce noise disruption.

These versatile solutions are available in a multitude of colours and patterns. Mix and match to create the perfect acoustic solution without compromising aesthetics. Countless variations in pattern, colour and size options will result in the ideal solution for your workspace, boardroom or open-plan office. You may even wish to match panel colours to your branding.


At Luxxbox, we strive to make a difference. Our products are designed to enhance people’s working lives by positively influencing comfort and concentration. For happy, healthy and productive environments. We choose recyclable materials to make a positive contribution to the planet. Our products are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.


Our innovative acoustic wall tiles and screens provide a sophisticated, decorative element to the office environment. Design features include:

  • A vast range of gorgeous colours
  • Fully customisable to create beautiful combinations of shape and colour
  • Can be used as a spatial divider to create boundaries and privacy
  • Credible decorative design for the perfect acoustic solution



Create space to think and work with Luxxbox Brix. The uniquely flexible system allows you to design your own space without shutting out the world. Create partitions, walls and cubicles for privacy while reducing unwanted noise in open spaces. Recycled acoustic material links the multi-colored pins for an infinitely scalable and fully customizable modular system. Brix is lightweight, infinitely scalable and available in many different color combinations


Waffle Leaves

Bring the outside in and banish the noise. Waffle Leaf free-standing acoustic panels not only offer functional acoustic properties but add a fresh element to your interiors. Available in several sizes and many colours you can create your own forest of quiet.

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