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Effective Sound Management & Office Noise Reduction

How to soundproof an office? Sound control in today’s workplace is more crucial than ever. In open-plan offices and workspaces, there is a real challenge to provide a comfortable, multi-functional work environment. Employees need the freedom to communicate openly and work collaboratively, but also peace and quiet to focus and concentrate on individual work in comfort. Luxxbox offers a range of quality, innovative products that effectively reduce noise and reverberation, this is how to absorb sound in an office. Luxxbox soundproofing creates a calm and inviting work environment promoting happy, healthy and productivity.

Sound control in an office is more important than ever. There was a time when office soundproofing was not as much of a concern — when executives were locked in individual offices doing their work while the only sound in the outer office was the secretaries clicking away at their typewriters. Today’s office environments are quite different from those of the past. The responsibilities of various employees are often in flux, as are their needs. Some workers may need to communicate with other team members frequently, while others may need total silence and focus on doing individual work. In many cases, the same person has both needs at different times depending upon the situation.


Luxxbox acoustic products not only effectively enhance people’s working lives, creating a peaceful and productive work environment; they are also made from natural materials with a focus on sustainability. Manufactured from quality, recycled materials, the acoustic panels are 100% recyclable. We choose recyclable materials to make a positive contribution to the planet. Luxxbox is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of noise reduction office products.


Have you ever wondered, how to soundproof my office? Or how to absorb sound in an office better? Luxxbox offers an array of innovative and stylish acoustic soundproofing solutions.  We can help you select the perfect solution for your work environment from our broad range of product options.

  • Acoustic Baffles
  • Acoustic Lighting
  • Sound Absorbing Furniture
  • Free-standing Sound Absorbing Products

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Acoustic Lighting

Luxxbox Acoustic Lighting is an innovative lighting solution that reduces up to 40% of ambient noise in busy, open offices. This unique product combines form and function to visually and acoustically enhance the workspace. The Luxxbox range of award-winning, architectural lighting provides highly effective noise absorption combined with stylish, modern design. Our stunning lighting range offers solutions for every office space. In addition to highly effective sound management, our acoustic lights provide a sophisticated, decorative element to the office environment. Design features include a vast range of gorgeous colours, adjustable height, a variety of size options, dimmable light source and high tech options such as power over ethernet (POE).

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Acoustic Baffles

Luxxbox acoustic panels include wall tiles and screens which effectively address noise disruption in open-plan office spaces while enhancing the aesthetic appeal. These stunning products are of exceptional quality, manufactured from durable, pure wool upholstery fabric. Any office environment or interior workspace will be significantly enhanced by the addition of acoustic wall tiles or the installation of modern, stylish partitioning to create privacy and further reduce noise disruption. These versatile solutions are available in a multitude of colours and patterns. Mix and match to create the perfect acoustic solution without compromising aesthetics. Countless variations in pattern, colour and size options will result in the ideal solution for your workspace, boardroom or open-plan office. You may even wish to match panel colours to your branding.

View Acoustic Baffles


Luxxbox free-standing acoustic panels provide effective sound absorption combined with innovative, practical and aesthetic solutions. Choose from the modular appeal of the Shelf, the flexible and creative ThoughtWall, or the fresh aesthetic appeal of the Waffle Leaf panels. The ThoughtWalls allow you to create three or four-sided standing totems with different, practical surface options. Choose from pinboard, whiteboard or acoustic panels to create the perfect pop-up work zone. Bring the outside in and banish the noise with the Waffle Leaf free-standing acoustic panels. Not only do Waffle Leaves offer functional acoustic properties but they add a fresh element to your interiors. Available in several sizes and many colours you can create your own forest of quiet.



The Wedge ThoughtBoard Acoustic offers a slice of calm for any space. A high-quality whiteboard surface offers a streak-free writing experience, with sound-absorbing acoustic material close to the ground to dampen noise in high traffic areas. The magnetic surface hosts a suite of collaborative accessories, while the permanent pen shelf helps you organise your space in style. High-quality castors enable easy movement on all surfaces, concealed for extra safety in open spaces. Multiple Wedge ThoughtBoards Acoustic panels can be used in unison to create a curved or straight room divider.


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