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{“FormType”:”Product form”,”Name”:”PeshehonovPef”,”Email”:”[email protected]”,”Phone”:”81393747499″,”Message”:”XRumer… \r\nIn the long run, XRumer is a profitable investment \r\nIf you are the owner of an online store or Internet service, you probably know how expensive advertising in Yandex Direct or Google AdWords is. Properly using the \u201cXRumer + Hrefer + SocPlugin\u201d complex, you get the opportunity to receive the targeted visitors you need for only $ 10 per month. \r\nFor Xrumer Acquisition Issues – http:\/\/\/2KDtGl7 \r\n \r\n In the course of its work, the XRumer program is able to recognize captcha by automatically downloading the picture and decrypting it. As practice has shown, decoding this type of captcha takes no more than 1-1.5 seconds, and usually even less on a computer with a processor with an operating frequency of 1 GHz. Traffic on this takes quite a bit, because such pictures "weigh" no more than 3-5 Kb. \r\nFor Xrumer Acquisition Issues – http:\/\/\/2lgBzxz \r\n \r\n<a href=http:\/\/\/forum\/thread22-1.html#443>Captcha Recognition<\/a> <a href=http:\/\/\/guestbook#comment-9587>automatic captcha recognition<\/a> <a href=https:\/\/\/blog\/grafik-raboty-v-novogodnie-prazdniki#comment_151705>automatic captcha recognition<\/a> f7e7d2c “,”Company”:”google”,”Location”:”newzealand”,”State”:”France”,”Project”:””,”Callback”:false,”Url”:””}

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