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Benny Wong – [email protected]

{“FormType”:”Product form”,”Name”:”Benny Wong”,”Email”:”[email protected]”,”Phone”:”(+852) 9382 9909″,”Message”:”Dear Sir\/ Madam,\n\nI would like to request the unit rate of the follow pendant lights:\n[1] Luxxbox – Birdcage\n (a) Dia. 19" \/ 475mm\n (b) Dia. 25"\/ 635mm\n[2] Luxxbox – Vapor Echo\n (a) Dia. 19.5"\/ 500mm\n (b) Dia. 39"\/ 1000mm\nYour prompt reply would be highly appreciated.\nThanks for your help in advance!\n\nYours Faithfully,\nBenny Wong\nPower Smart Engineering Limited\n”,”Company”:”Power Smart Engineering Limited”,”Location”:”asia”,”State”:”Hong Kong”,”Project”:”SFC phase 2″,”Callback”:false,”Url”:”https:\/\/\/product\/birdcage\/”}

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