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AllenGor – [email protected]

{“FormType”:”Product form”,”Name”:”AllenGor”,”Email”:”[email protected]”,”Phone”:”83534136644″,”Message”:”Hello everyone! \r\nLooking for a demo of the game called X-Hex<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> The idea of the game is this<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> \r\nField rhombuses<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> On the fields set dots<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> Thanks to these marks the field grows and becomes bigger<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> \r\nAt the moment when it begins to touch the opponent\u2019s field<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> Dots begin move now to the enemy, then back. The winner is the one who conquers the entire field. \r\nPresent bonuses, a call to an aircraft that randomly bombes the enemy\u2019s fields and can hurt yours. Very interesting toy. \r\n \r\nP<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a>S<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a> \r\nThank you in advance \r\nYou can reply to the mail<a href=http:\/\/>:<\/a> [email protected]<a href=http:\/\/>.<\/a>com”,”Company”:”google”,”Location”:”middleeast”,”State”:”Morocco”,”Project”:””,”Callback”:false,”Url”:””}

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