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Sustainability | Jan 2021

Sustainable Practices

We're committed to sustainable manufacturing and responsible product design.

As manufacturers, we have a big role to play in protecting our planet. The design community relies on us to provide sustainable products that make a positive, long-term difference – and we’re on a mission to deliver on that commitment.

We have invested in sustainable manufacturing and continuously choose recyclable materials to make a positive contribution to the planet. Our acoustic materials are sustainably sourced, 100% recyclable and designed for workplace wellness. Our Australian manufacturing facility is now fully solar-powered and we have made a commitment to move to carbon-neutral.

Our commitment to supporting our industry and our trade can be seen in a number of the policies we have in place to reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainable Materials

Our range of noise-absorbing acoustic PET felt is made from recycled content and is 100% recyclable, while our high-quality wool is responsibly farmed and biodegradable. These materials hold numerous environmental certifications, including GreenRate Level A, Declare, Red List Free, ETL/UL, WELL, LEED and other environmental credentials. 

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We are excited to announce that our Australian manufacturing facility is now fully solar-powered. Not only do we generate enough energy to run our huge machines and all our other needs, we actually contribute a lot back to the electricity grid. More recently, we’ve begun moving to carbon-neutral. So, while we’re not there yet, this is a huge step forward in our journey.


Product Stewardship

Luxxbox is committed to undertaking a product stewardship program, under which all products manufactured by Luxxbox can be returned through the selected distributor for recycling at end of product life.

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WELL Guide

Luxxbox acoustic lighting and product solutions can contribute towards satisfying several features under the WELL Building Standard® (WELL)

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Linea | Blade Declare Listed

We're proud to share that our Linea and Blade pendants are DECLARE listed. Through self-disclosure of ingredients, sourcing, and life cycle information, Declare labels show that our product is one that you can trust.

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Vapor Echo | Cylinder Declare Listed

Adding to our commitment to material transparency, our popular Vapor Echo and Vapor Echo Cylinder pendants are now also DECLARE listed.

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Good Environmental Choice Australia

Our Wedge Thoughtboard range is currently the only GECA certified agile whiteboards. GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) manages a Type 1 Ecolabel program in accordance with ISO 14024 “Environmental Labels and Declarations”.

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