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Wool finish

Textural and vibrant in color, quality wool fabrics have the added benefit of noise absorbing properties. Our outer wool is a classic pure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted finish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw material. The color palette is an exciting mix of solids and mélanges across the full-color spectrum.


Key Features

- Available in more than 50 colors
- Sustainably made - wool is rapidly renewable and biodegradable
- EU Ecolabel certification
- 100% Virgin Wool. Non metallic dyestuffs


- LEED Credit Contributor | LEED v3 | MRc2.2 | MRc6
- Certified to Indoor Advantage™ “Gold” | Rapidly renewable and compostable
- GIGA Ranked | Blazer is a top-ranked GIGA material with verified Green Claims: Biodegradable

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