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News | Apr 2024

Behind the Design: Luxxbox’s New Collection

We embark on a new chapter, syntheziing light, sound and design with our latest acoustic pendants: illi Bon, Kurtain, Stalik, and Sierra

illi Bon, Kurtain, Stalik, and Sierra mark a bold new chapter in Luxxbox’s ongoing exploration of light, sound, and design. This collection isn’t just about function; it’s a fusion of design inspiration, meticulous craftsmanship, and a response to the ever-evolving needs of modern spaces.

Conceived for use in a range of commercial interiors, the new collection is beautifully proportioned and intentionally simple in both construction and style. With inspiration drawn from the clean lines of modern architecture, the soft curves of nature, and the flow of fabric in a luxurious drape, the Luxxbox design team has created a collection that sparks the imagination and pushes the boundaries of what acoustic lighting can be. Discover the captivating design stories behind each fixture.

illi Bon: A Compact Response to Big Ideas

illi Bon, the petite companion to the beloved illi pendant, embodies our commitment to responsive design. Inspired by extensive market feedback – gleaned through close collaboration with our sales representatives, architects, designers, and end clients – illi Bon captures the essence of the illi in a compact form. The high-output LED package of its larger sibling is retained for exceptional illumination, while the signature PET outer gills are scaled down for compact size. Crafted from recycled PET material, illi Bon is available in two sizes (Landscape and Portrait) and a stunning palette of 15 vibrant colors.

Kurtain: A Dream Becomes Reality

Kurtain, the passion project of Luxxbox’s Creative Director Jason Bird, is a dream transformed into reality. Years of meticulous development culminate in this breathtaking creation, inspired by the everyday world – the graceful folds of drapery and familiar flowing curtains. Kurtain echoes that warmth and comfort, venturing into uncharted territory as an innovative acoustic pendant. Skilled Luxxbox artisans hand lay luxurious Camira Blazer wool around a custom metal frame, creating its soft, flowing wave effect that not only stuns visually but gently absorbs ambient noise. Beneath the stunning lampshade, a high-performance, dimmable LED panel adds functional illumination. With a 77-color palette and three sizes, Kurtain is adaptable to any design vision.

Stalik: The Unmatched Workhorse

Stalik, inspired by the clean lines of classic elongated cylindrical fixtures, redefines acoustic lighting. This innovative workhorse transcends its familiar form with a PET internal body featuring perforated cuts for seamless curvature. Hand-upholstered in luxurious Camira Blazer wool with a stunning 77-color palette, Stalik offers unmatched design flexibility. It shines as both a pendant and an unlit acoustic baffle, perfect for captivating linear formations or radial arrangements. Stalik pushes boundaries, transforming a classic form into a canvas for endless creative potential.

Sierra: A Timeless Icon, Reimagined

The Sierra is a modern reimagining of a Luxxbox classic, the Helm AC. This stunning fixture takes the timeless form of a conical shade and imbues it with contemporary aesthetics. Black metal accents and a frosted glass diffuser echo Helm’s legacy, with high-performance LED lighting ensuring exceptional illumination. But Sierra is more than homage. It transforms the Helm’s signature wool-covered, thermo-formed felt shell into a sleek, modern cone. Available in two sizes and 77 wool colors, Sierra offers timeless elegance with a resi-mercial feel that transcends trends.

Sustainable Innovation, Breathtaking Beauty

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the very fabric of this collection. Crafted from a marriage of durable recycled PET and luxuriously soft, sustainably-farmed New Zealand wool, these fixtures not only offer exceptional acoustic absorption but also utilize innovative techniques that unlock new design possibilities.  This sustainable approach allows us to achieve an extensive color palette, allowing you to create a space that reflects every project’s unique style.

Luxxbox’s latest collection is an inspiring tale of innovation and thoughtful design, showcasing a deep understanding of the requirements of contemporary spaces. Our new acoustic lighting fixtures prioritize the creation of beautiful, well-lit environments that also offer acoustic comfort. With a wide variety of options to bring any design vision to life, our collection provides the perfect blend of style and functionality. Discover how these innovative designs can enhance the ambiance and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. Check out the full collection here.

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