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Design Inpiration | Jan 2024


From the hybrid hustle to workplace wellness and new global standards, we explore the trends lighting the way forward in 2024.

Expect more in 2024: Silence the Noise, Amplify Potential with Luxxbox

Forget echoes and forget chaos. 2024 is the year of acoustic harmony, and Luxxbox is leading the charge. We’ve been pioneers in beautiful lighting that silences workplace noise for a decade, and now, we’re amplifying your potential by unpacking the key trends driving the need for acoustic lighting everywhere.

Hybrid hustle? Our acoustic lights transform every corner into a focused haven. Wellness wins? Immerse your designs in serenity with our quiet pendants – tranquillity on tap. Global standards set the bar? Luxxbox exceeds them, delivering effortless grace to evolving standards, mandated acoustic solutions, and reducing reverberation time.

But trends are just the whispers. We’re crafting the future, loud and clear. Imagine cozy huddle spaces buzzing with ideas, not noise. Envision warm, inviting corners where creativity ignites. Luxxbox is where light, sound, and design merge to unlock human potential in every space.

Get ready for more game-changers. We’re continuing to push the boundaries, experimenting with new materials, exploring new designs and collaborating with leading experts to craft the soundscapes of tomorrow. Expect exciting new products with new shapes and updated designs exploring new techniques to enhance performance, aesthetics and impact further. 

And we’re doing it responsibly. Our acoustic lights are crafted from recycled materials, our techniques honed for minimal waste, and our products’ lifespans are maximised for durability. Beautiful spaces deserve a beautiful planet, and we’re dedicated to both.

A decade ago, we saw a gap in the market. Today, we see endless possibilities. As we raise a toast to 2024, we do so with a promise: to focus on continuous improvement, champion innovation, and deliver the best acoustic lighting for the spaces of tomorrow.

Join us on this journey. Follow us on social media to discover our latest creations, events, collaborations, and exciting projects.

Happy New Year from all of us at Luxxbox. Let’s make 2024 the year we truly expect more.

Luxxbox Hemii Acoustic Lighting at the Arts Centre Melbourne

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