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Education | Aug 2021

Understanding Acoustics Course

Luxxbox's latest AIA CES Course - UNDERSTANDING ACOUSTICS: Managing Workplace Noise with Acoustic Lighting

Earn CEU | CPD credit points

About the course

The Understanding Acoustics course addresses the plethora of acoustic terminology that is commonly used in architectural design solutions, the differences between them and why they are all important when it comes to understanding how to design for optimal acoustics in open spaces. Through the examination of workplace research and case studies, it asks designers to consider an innovative new acoustic interior design element that can dramatically increase workers’ satisfaction and productivity: acoustic lighting.

Learning objectives:

  1. Health, Safety, Welfare: The course looks in-depth at the acoustics in office spaces as they pertain to the health and safety of workers. In addition, it delves into the research around stress and distraction in the workforce and the optimal levels of noise in varying spaces to meet industry standards. This would cover a minimum of 80% of the course.
  2. Differentiate between various acoustic terminologies and understand how these apply to different materials acoustic design solutions.
  3. Recall the optimal sound levels for different activities and room types and be able to specify acoustic solutions to achieve optimised sound levels when designing for different spaces.
  4. Improve project delivery outcomes by examining the impact acoustics can have on employee health and well being in workspaces, and how to mitigate stress and noise fatigue.
  5. Examine tested case studies of acoustic lighting applications, and assess the impact that it can have on room reverberation times and the ultimate usability of a designed space.

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