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Thanks for downloading the 'Open Plan Design and Productivity: Exploring a New Acoustic Solution' whitepaper

This whitepaper will give you in-depth insights into:

  1. The rise of the open-plan workspace
  2. The drawbacks of office noise
  3. The limitations of traditional solutions
  4. The benefits of acoustic lighting.

The key takeaway is that using intelligent strategies to mitigate workplace noise will improve employees’ well-being and productivity, and increase companies’ ability to retain top talent.  However, mitigating workplace noise effectively poses a huge challenge. Traditional solutions such as acoustic ceiling tiles, wall panels and baffles each have inherent limitations. That’s where acoustic lighting comes in.

Acoustic lighting is a revolutionary addition to the interior designer’s toolkit. Combining the effective sound absorption of traditional acoustic panels with energy-efficient LED illumination, acoustic lighting is a versatile and streamlined approach to mitigating unwanted environmental noise. Acoustic lighting can merge seamlessly with current office designs while remaining adaptable for use in tomorrow’s hybrid workspaces. It’s beautiful and versatile, and its dual-purpose nature makes it inherently more efficient than other acoustic solutions.

These powerful benefits make acoustic lighting a wise investment for designers, architects and all workspace planners—indeed for anyone who seeks to improve employee well-being, boost productivity, and enhance office culture.

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