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News | Apr 2021

Elegant illi

Reduce noise elegantly with illi, the perfect fusion of form and function

Introducing illi, a modern lighting pendant featuring acoustic capabilities with a powerful noise absorption performance.

Configured with soft outer gills that nod to a classic deco design aesthetic, illi is the perfect way to add elegance to nearly any commercial space. Available in two sizes of portrait and landscape and 13 beautiful colorways, users have the ability to combine fixtures resulting in near-endless design configurations.

In addition to an expansive LED output, illi serves as a highly-effective noise absorption tool. The pendant features a high surface area to acoustic PET volume as the shapes of the fixture offer strong acoustic abilities. Because of the pendant’s robust capabilities, illi is ideal for large areas such as co-working spaces, office foyers, and other spacious commercial environments.

“Simple, unobtrusive lighting pendants are great for busy open-plan and work environments, but sometimes large spaces need to add elegance and soften the void to the ceiling,” said Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director of Luxxbox. “Illi embodies all of Luxxbox’s acoustic lighting benefits, packing a big lighting output punch and noise absorption as well as a beautiful soft design aesthetic.”

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