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Product News | Feb 2022

Hello Hemii

An acoustic dome pendant that enhances acoustics and compliments any design scheme

Introducing Hemii, a round-formed acoustic light fixture offering powerful noise absorption capabilities with a classic PET dome structure.

With a minimalistic design, Hemii is ideal for expansive spaces such as large, shared commercial areas and open-office environments. The underlying robust capabilities of the fixture are offset by a soft wool-covered, thermo-formed felt shell that is designed to improve the acoustics in a space without overshadowing other design features. The interior shell undergoes a thermo-form process that uses heat to take shape to the round PET absorbing material, creating a fixture designed to lower the volume of open spaces.

Available in 2 sizes (28” and 36” in diameter) and 51 beautiful exterior colorways. The pendant is crafted from wool and PET material, which is a dense polyester fiber that is manufactured from recycled plastics. Similar to all of our products, Hemii is fully recyclable at the end of life. Hemii is also equipped with a lumen package of 4500K and power of 57W along with a high-performance dimmable circular edge-lit LED panel.

“When designing Hemii, we took notice of a demand for large fixtures that reduces noise without overpowering the existing design scheme,” said Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director of Luxxbox. “By far the most sophisticated large acoustic dome pendant on the market, Hemii embodies all of Luxxbox’s acoustic lighting benefits, packing a big lighting output punch and noise absorption and a clean, classic aesthetic. The fixture is also competitively priced compared to others on the market.”

Luxxbox Hemii Acousting Light with lounge

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