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News | Dec 2022

Lightbeam to 2023

The story behind our Lightbeam to 2023 animation and what’s next for Luxxbox in 2023

We sat down with Luxxbox directors Kara Chiconi and Jason Bird to find out the story behind the Lightbeam to 2023 animation and what’s next in 2023.

Kara Chiconi, Director of Media & Partnerships

Lightbeam to 2023 is a representation of our brand – playful, curious, creative design. While we are a global lighting manufacturer, we are still a creative design studio at heart. We play with light and sound every day. That’s our job. This was just a new creative outlet for us to explore these concepts.

From the very beginning, we wanted to create a fun and visually mesmerizing animation that we could share with our network to celebrate the end of 2022. We engaged fellow Brisbane creatives, Patch Creative to bring the animation to life. Their unique animation style grabbed our attention immediately, and we love supporting local designers. Sharing Australian design with the world is kind of our thing.

Drawing inspiration from soothing motion and the concepts of light and sound, Patch Creative took our brief to come up with this playful, colorful and joy-evoking animation. The concept represents moving from one year to the next through abstract and quirky design. The shapes draw inspiration from some of our products and the color palette reflects some of our key campaigns throughout the year. It tells a light story in a short period of time while remaining unique, and playful.

Jason Bird, Manager / Creative Director

Luxxbox has always drawn inspiration from shapes and colors and the intersection of both. We are a design-driven business that always aims to push the boundaries and go beyond. We have lots of big things planned for 2023, from exciting product launches to new collaborations and projects.

As many other lighting manufacturers are now entering the acoustic lighting market, we wanted to push hard into new production methods, integrating innovative lighting technologies into new shapes and designs. Fundamentally, Luxxbox’s key difference comes down to design. Our products are designed as acoustic lighting fixtures from the ground up. We use our design expertise to harness the power of the materials to enhance the acoustics of the fixture. We don’t just slap acoustic material on an existing fixture!

In saying that, our sales agents, as well as the architects and designers who specify our products, are as much part of the Luxxbox journey as we are. That’s what this animation represents –  A transition from one year to the next, driven by our shared journeys and connection through design.

We look forward to another exciting year ahead with our people and partners. Here’s to a great 2023.

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