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Product News | Jun 2022

Linea evolved

5 innovative upgrades to Linea for a seamless lighting and acoustic solution

Our slimline acoustic LED system gets its biggest upgrade ever, with innovative improvements that simplify form and function. Both streamlined and comprehensive, the upgraded Linea boasts superior noise absorbing properties, class-leading LED performance, a new cassette-style driver, innovative plug-and-play technology, as well as optimised shielding options. All of this is in the pursuit of creating the most powerful and cohesive lighting and acoustic solution.

1. Plug-and-play connector

The linear lighting system features a new plug-and-play power connector. Unique from other acoustic lighting fixtures on the market, the installation process is completely simplified with only one power feed needed per run. The canopy and power cord can also be shipped in advance for electrical pre-installation before the fixture. As a result, the whole process is made as easy as plug-and-play, dramatically reducing installation times and visual clutter. 


2. Click-and-connect modules

The simple click-and-connect system means safe, fast and error-free installation for long continuous runs. Linea’s UL-listed, fitted connectors are delivered as complete modules and don’t require any disassembling to click and connect. The color and mechanical coding also ensure fast, error-free installation with protection against mismating. 


3. New Cassette Driver

The game-changing cassette-style driver is designed for quick and easy post-installation servicing. On-site driver access without the need to de-install fixtures saves time and reduces maintenance costs.


4. Optimised output options

Take control with extensive shielding and beam angle options enhanced for a wide range of functions. The class-leading, dimmable LED performance is offered in a direct or indirect wash, with improved shielding options such as:

  • Direct louvered – focused task lighting with minimal glare (UGR<5) and beam angle options of either 50° or 76°;
  • Direct diffused – softened illumination for comfortable and visually pleasing open spaces with a beam angle of 100°;
  • Indirect lensed – new batwing dispersion for elegant ambient upwash lighting with a beam angle of 160°;
  • Direct + indirect – any of the above options can be combined for one slimline upwash and downwash lighting solution;
  • Acoustic baffle – Linea is also available as an unlit acoustic baffle.

5. Superior acoustic performance

Linea is internationally designed from the ground up to maximize acoustic surface areas and noise absorption. The fixture now boasts a sabin value of 38.27 (ft²) / 3.56 (m²), based on the testing of LX-LN-8-H3, with a length of 7ft-7in (2301mm) and height of 34.2″ (870mm) at a frequency of 4000 Hz. More comprehensive acoustic properties are available in our updated spec sheet.

Comprehensive linear acoustic lighting

Linea is ideal for shared commercial areas and open-office environments such as hybrid working areas, boardrooms, cafes, classrooms, and more. The modular fixture can be used independently or paired together to create continuous runs for functional acoustic illumination across expansive environments.  The fixture really comes into its own when alternating lit and baffle Lineas, providing the most cohesive lighting and acoustic solution for large open spaces. The fixture can also be integrated with Luxxbox’s other highly sought-after fixtures, like TESSEL, to create near-endless design configurations.

Offered in four height options, multiple lengths, and more than 70 color selections, Linea is available in four finishes including Basica (flat), Ranura (ribbed), Terrain B (textured), Motif (patterned). The fixture’s extensive color and finish options allow designers to easily portray nearly any aesthetic – from a minimal look to a bold statement. Linea is crafted from the option of biodegradable wool or PET material, a dense polyester fiber material that is manufactured from recycled plastics. As a Declare-listed fixture, which provides users complete material transparency, Linea is fully recyclable at the end of life.

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