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News | Oct 2022

Conical Crush

Introducing Cono, the new cone acoustic pendant that makes a playful design statement

Have fun getting serious about light and sound with Luxxbox’s newest acoustic pendant, Cono. Combining contemporary lighting design with powerhouse acoustics and a distinctive finial, Cono makes a functional and stylish finishing touch to commercial interiors.

Make a statement

Cono makes a statement in offices, restaurants, hotels, institutions, and more.  Perfectly marrying sound control and illumination into one multi-purpose product, Cono is available in 2 sizes (60″/1500mm and 37.4″/950mm in diameter) and 51 beautiful exterior colorways. Use as a singular design statement or install en mass for added personality. 

Distinctive design

Cono’s unique black finial gives the pendant its distinctive look. The machined finial with a single side-entry cord sits atop the pendant, contrasting against the textural wool finish and adding a sculptural element. The rounded form softens the overall look of the rigid cone structure while adding a unique focal point.


Sound control

Cono offers powerful noise absorption capabilities to lower the volume in open spaces.  Thanks to the noise-absorbing materials and its conical shape, Cono traps sound waves as they travel upwards. By placing Cono above the sound source, such as lounges or workstations, it absorbs a large amount of sound, creating a well-balanced sound experience.

Choose your light

Select from 2 integrated LED options or an E26/E27 lamp holder. The ambient light option is finished with a fine-crafted glass diffuser for a more decorative effect, or opt for the high-output task light for direct functional lighting above a workstation or any table. Both the task and ambient options are available in both sizes and across all CCTs. View the spec sheet for more detailed photometric and lighting distribution information. 

Cono Ambient Light
Cono Task Light

Quality materials

The acoustic pendant is crafted from a thermo-formed PET shell, made of recycled materials, and hand upholstered in premium New Zealand wool. The inner shell undergoes a thermo-form process that uses heat to shape the PET material, a dense polyester fiber that is 100% recyclable. The outer layer is a classic pure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted finish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw material. Similar to all of Luxxbox’s product portfolio, Cono is fully recyclable at the end of life.

Get serious about noise reduction without skimping on curious, creative design.

Want to learn more about the new Cono acoustic pendant? From IES files to spec sheets, you can find all the nitty-gritty here.

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