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{“FormType”:”Contact form”,”Name”:”Ed Carter”,”Email”:”[email protected]”,”Phone”:”4146499142″,”Message”:”Hi!\n\nHere's an article idea I hope you'll consider for your site.\n\nThe job market can be tough for people with disabilities, so it\u2019s no surprise that they\u2019re more likely to start their own businesses than people without disabilities. \n\nAnd with the growing sharing economy, there truly are a lot of great entrepreneurial opportunities available for people with disabilities.\n \nWould you help spread the word? I can write an article for your site with tips and advice for people with disabilities on how to get their small business up and running, along with information on grants and other funding opportunities available. Additionally, I would be happy to feature your website in the article.\n\nPlease let me know what you think. \n\nThank you in advance!\nEd Carter\”,”Company”:”ABLE FUTURES”,”Location”:”usa”,”State”:”WI”,”Type”:”general”,”Callback”:false,”Url”:”https:\/\/\/contact\/”}

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