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Michael – [email protected]

{“FormType”:”Product form”,”Name”:”Michael”,”Email”:”[email protected]”,”Phone”:”0451573435″,”Message”:”Hi,\n\nI am finishing off an electrical design and it would be just great if I could get prices of following fittings:\n1. VAPOR ECHO SUSPENDED LIGHT FITTING 1500 DIA IN MID GREY\n2. VAPOR ECHO RECLINEAR SUSPENDED LIGHT FITTING 1010X560 IN MID GREY\n3. DASCH SUSPENDED LIGHT FITTING EXTRA LARGE 1870 IN LIGHT GREY\n4. DASCH SUSPENDED LIGHT FITTING LARGE 1310 IN LIGHT BLUE\n5. DASCH SUSPENDED LIGHT FITTING LARGE 1310 IN YELLOW\n\nRegards\n\nMichael Syposz\nElectrical Engineer”,”Company”:”BSE”,”Location”:”australia”,”State”:”VIC”,”Project”:”DHHS – FSV – Fitout”,”Callback”:false,”Url”:”https:\/\/\/product\/vapor-echo\/”}

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