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{“FormType”:”Product form”,”Name”:”mike kim”,”Email”:”[email protected]”,”Phone”:”8002232345″,”Message”:”Hi, my name is Mike Kim at the Protrade Company USA in New York & New Jersey in the USA.\n\nI recently saw your web store and I am very interested and willing to discuss with you regarding an import and distribution opportunity for your design collection into the South Korean market where one of my family members is operating a brand new FLAGSHIP store in Seoul Korea.\n\nFor your reference, in the Seoul area, there is a CONTAINER BUILDING Shopping Mall called "COMMON GROUND" in Seoul, it is like BOX PARK in the UK, and the store we are referring to is located in the central spot with the most visibility, thanks to the Facility owner "KOLON Group " in Seoul, which is in the top 50 biggest conglomerate groups.\n\nThe name of this store is SoftVim. This is a FLAGSHIP retail store at the heart of a shopping area that is a popular attraction for a modern, young generation. We are planning to open another retail store in SUNG BUK DONG, Seoul, Korea which is being renovated for an August opening. This store will operate as the main headquarters to serve the most high-end customer tiers and Galleries, contract business, and wholesale distribution in Korea.\n\n\nIf you look up COMMON GROUND in Seoul, then you will see the project scale and the atmosphere and see why this is a trending hotspot in South Korea.\n\nWe have more than 30 years of experience dealing with luxury European furniture and lighting in Seoul, so we feel that this is great opportunity to build more relationships within the design business. \n\nI, Michael, am currently working as the Procurement office manageing director based in New Jersey\/New York and I oversee all the decision making for selecting the perfect items for our collection, as well as handling payments, logistics, and contracts with manufacturers and distributors overseas. My brother in Seoul handles the retail operation and local wholesale imports and distribution within South Korean design and architecture firms, finding furniture and lighting through local sales networks.\n\nOur goal is to create a store that blends European architecture and furniture with local Korean influences, creating a unique environment and introduce European style to mainstream Korea. Therefore, I would like to talk further with your overseas operations team or your export\/sales team to discuss importing your collection items into South Korea as soon as possible, with your export prices and terms and conditions. Our website is currently under construction, but I can send photographs of the store we are referring to if you would like to see.\n\nHoping to do business with you soon. \nThank you,\n\nMichael Kim \nPROTRADE Company, USA\n(201)-889-6438\[email protected]”,”Company”:”protrade company usa”,”Location”:”usa”,”State”:”NJ”,”Project”:”uskor”,”Callback”:false,”Url”:”https:\/\/\/product\/matrix\/”}

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